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Akwesi Ajei (uh-g) A True Indie Artist

The struggles of being a true indie artist is true, but when you are a focused R&B like Akwesi Ajei the sky’s are the limit. This beautiful voice from Charleston, South Caroline is a star pushing his way to make it to the big stage. With hits like “O1E” and “Walking Papers”, the realities of what we all go through is what makes this musicians harmony a formula in the hot music department.  Reality is in the music and Akwesi Ajei can attest to that story. So come listen to Akwesi Ajei and comment on this post to tell us what you think. the best indie music blog where you can enjoy unsigned artist.


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  • Kelly tucker / July 14, 2015

    A1 since day 1! Keep up the good work. Still Love walking papers oh and clap lol

  • dingo / July 15, 2015

    Lets go hommie…its your turn for the world to respect..yeahhh