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Big Skinny – Can It All Be So Simple ft. Pharoh D

We were wondering if there was anyone still sampling old school beats out, and what do you know, we came across this in our inbox. Using the “Wu Tang – Can It Be All So Simple” this song was produced by Big Skinny ft. Pharoh D who both absolutely demolished this track.  Born in Jamaica but raised in Miami, FL, Pharoh D is one of the hottest up and coming artist making way.  Come listen to Big Skinny & Pharoh D’s trak, and afterward listen to the old Wu Tang cut. Then come tell us which one you like most.
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  • Dreskeeze / August 22, 2015

    I met Pharoh D at FAMU back in 2006. The first time I heard him spit I was amazed. HE GOT BARSSS FOR DAYSS. I’ve been waiting almost 10 years for him to put a mixtape or a album together and its almost done. Its called BLACK TO REALITY. I heard the album. Its about 85% done. MY BOY PHAROH D MADE ME PROUD! I knew he was nice BUT DAMNNNN. Every song is sick. His lyrical content, delivery, and rhyme schemes are amazing. Check out his soundcloud and search pharohd on youtube to hear some of his freestyles. OFF THE TOP, he’s ridiculous too. See for yourself.