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BOS BLK - Top 25 Finalist -
Friday, Apr 28, 2017
HomeTop 25 Indie Artist ContestBOS BLK – Top 25 Finalist
Kado - Top 25 Finali
Richie Souf - Top 25

[email protected]

Enter FaTTrak Music Blog, the answer to helping artists accomplish their goals of being a star. We are one of the top indie music blogs out there that post pure underground hip hop music. So come join FaTTrak Music Blog, as we become your favorite indie music blog.

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  • Tony / September 16, 2015

    This a dope beat, love the intro and outro, keep up that Fire Music!

  • Anthony Valenzue;a / September 17, 2015

    Hot Music over here!!

  • Alex Rascon / September 17, 2015

    cold lyrics bro!

  • Arron Val / September 17, 2015