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Deesense – Optimist

Hailing from South East London indie music artist, Deesense is a writer, rapper, vocalist and musical performer who specializes in the art of spoken word.  Deesense is new to the music industry but her smooth beats and fluid delivery are reminisicent of artists such as Jill Scott and Floetry. She effortly weaves in poetry and lyrics on thought provoking issues all while her intoxicating beats are sure to have you bopping your head to the beat. Check out more of her music at the following sources.

Marc Vinyls - My Min
Iggy Azalea - Is She

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  • Deesense / January 31, 2015

    hope all enjoy love from Deesense & MoBeatz

  • UNO / January 26, 2016

    Oh that was real cool..Different and sexy. Real nice flow!