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Exclusive With Artist Byron Bank

This exclusive with artist Byron Bank, winner of the FaTTrak Top 25 Indie Artist Contest, tells us what he has been working on lately. Bank is a true professional and he shares with us the lifestyles of being an independent artist. Come listen in, post comments, share with your friends, and stay tuned to more exclusives from

Byron Keith Jones (born July 15), better known by his stage name Byron Bank, is an American rapper. Bank born in the southeast Houston neighborhood, started rapping at the age of fifteen. Due in part to being the only man in the household, Bank witnessing his mother’s struggle as a single parent; using his mother’s pain as motivation. Bank learns to play the trumpet and drums in the high school band, however with the encouragement of his grandmother who purchase his first ever keyboard workstation Byron found his true love producing music. Byron knew music was his future and felt he had something special to share with the world.

Bank stepped up his lyrical repertoire by honing in his skills as a songwriter by creating catch hooks and full structured songs to his own production. Finally having the first opportunity to showcase his talent, Byron joined Hip Hop group Uppa Dek. As the “hottest in the streets” at the time, Bank began to see his own reflection and passion within himself to venture out on his on. Byron’s uncompromising work ethic would not allow him to rest on his more than impressive laurels; there needed to be a ‘visual’ movement to showcase his innovative style and unique persona.

2010 continued to be phenomenal for the young MC. Bank released his (free to the public) freshmen mixtape, “Catch Me If You Can” via internet, followed by his sophomore mixtape, “Byron Bank, No S” in 2011. By 2013, Byron put his new Houston flavor on the map with the album “The Withdrawal”, leading to his newest album, “Change” released early 2015.

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