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Exclusive With Don Dada

FaTTrak Exclusive With Don Dada

Anyone who’s familiar with the streets of Memphis, TN can attest to the trials and hardships of those who have survived the struggle, the likes of North Memphis Veteran and NerveWrekin’ Music CEO Don Dada “THA D.O.N” alias D-O-N one of ¬†the¬†original “Triple Six Mafia” member’s. Still putting it down for the M-town, the Don Dada is currently placing the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece, entitled “Highly Respected” which is scheduled to be released in April 2015. Though he is keeping the project under wraps, he has been kind enough to place a leak out, for the lovers and haters of this thing we call “Memphis Rap.” Named “Dey Don’t Know,” this soulful, real-to-life exclusive gives the listeners a glimpse of his latest LP. But don’t “jus” take my word for it….Peep it out, for yourself…


It’s been a long time coming but….Some things have to make their way to the surface, at some point. Meanwhile Don Dada is on the verge off releasing his latest concoction, “Highly Respected”…the veteran Memphis rapper and original “Triple Six Mafia” member’s newest project is hosted by the likes of DJ Drama and The Trap-A-Holics….Including what may be the lead single “Shawty Got Azz” which features fellow veteran Memphis rapper (Scarface) Alkapone and Hammerhead Da Guru.

Check out what he has to say on his upcoming project and more here on FaTTrak Music Blog where indie music matters most.


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