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Freddy D ft. Akila K- Let Me Be

Here’s another one that brings to you all the way from Hempstead , NY.  We love this video because of its meaning and its message. We especially love and admire the young talent and their quest to overcome the uphill battles they face everyday life. Freddy D and Akila K are the artist we’re talking about, and here are their stories.

Rapper/producer/songwriter/Performer Freddy D from Long island, NY is making his mark to solve some serious issues in our streets today. Frederick Smith aka Freddy D grew up in long island where crime and drugs infested the Hempstead area. Growing up where opportunity is not at everyone’s leisure, Freddy was consider let many to be just another statistic. From failing English, receiving speech classes, the lack of patience, and being a hard headed kid it seemed he wasn’t going to make it out successfully. Nevertheless, he has finally blossom into prominent leader and spokesman in his neighborhood through his music.

Freddy D started studying the craft of hip hop after his days of playing sports when he found his older brother rapper (Shelah) “boss dr-5 rhythm machine” and began making beats and writing songs. After years of studying, Freddy D made buzz when his recordings landed in the hands of some prominent neighborhood icons like “The Smith Brothers”-Joe Smith who at the time was working for Kedar Massenburg. Joe, “Marshall Smith(“Decease” – gospel singer for Brother Charles Cooke and The Nu Zionares)”, and Freddy’s D mother motivated him to continue pursuing his musical career.  Now Freddy D has mastered his craft and is setting himself up to be a well known musical superstar. He recently released his independent album called (Humble Beginnings) on itunes and Google Play. The first single “Let Me Be” Featuring (Akila K) another unsigned indie music artist is currently going Viral (2014) via internet and being listened to by hip hop fans around the world.

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