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Grizzly Business – Rich Girls

Variety is finally coming to and we are loving every minute of it. We take pleasure in introducing our first rock band named “Grizzly Business”.   Born in San Diego 2013, Grizzly Business is an indie rock four-piece, which consists of a high-energy group of adult kids who like to dance and play loud music that tickles the ear lobe. Their unique style has drawn early comparisons to Spoon, The Strokes and The Shins (and any other band whose name starts with an ‘S’). The band resides in Bankers Hill, Santee, HillCrest, and Normal Heights, California.
Grizzly Business brings to you that old school garage  sound that’s dying for a spot on the big stage. Their video “Rich Girls”, keeps your eyes glued to the screen and asking for more. On the other hand, if you are waiting in line to see their performance you might find a girl in line refusing to go find a local restroom fearing she’ll miss the live show…”Yuck, But Priceless”.  In a few short words, “We Love Their Sound Man”.

Their short and sweet, long over-due, debut EP, is set for February 19th at Soda Bar. The band has plans for March/April to jet up to Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Oakland, Portland, Bend, Corvalis, and Seattle. A Tijuana show is also in the works.

Grizzly Business, good luck and keep pushing hard.  Tune into for more independent music promotions….

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