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Indie Artist Lala Rise To Stardom

Indie artist Lala rise to stardom started at the tender age of 8. Tasha DeBerry aka Lala the voice spent most of her time in church she realize she had a gift of music deep down inside her so as time pass by she begin to write poem that later turn in her writting song about how she see the world In 2008 Lala took a break from the music world to work on life but as soon as 2011 roll in she jump back in to the music world and in 2013 she hook up with another amazing Lyrick who in courage Lala the voice to focus on her music and never give up In 2014 Lala finally hook up with a producer OG tha 3 who brought her dream into a reality and Since they hook up they never look back In 2015 Lala hook up with music manager Jesse aka Legacy ceo of Huztlegrindtymemedia. Who seen her vision

YoungQueenz , Simon
Akwesi Ajei (uh-g) A

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