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Keeno – Famous

One of the hottest rapper coming from the north. You got to keep following this artist right here on as he makes it to your Radios. Keenomusic is newest name in the underground hiphop world. With three mixtapes within a year & half he has built a buzz online that keeps growing & growing daily. Over 400K followers on vine,10K on Twitter & 1 million views all together on YouTube. His music talks about the struggles of being from the streets & can still make it out & inspire people around the world. Coming from a rough place like Kingston Jamaica, music was like an escape from all the problems & even though in Jamaica reggae is the main music Keeno was always drawn to hiphop music & in the year 2000 his mom brought him to Canada for a chance to chase his dreams & live a better life. He wants to use his music to tell his story & change lives. My music is gonna change the game.  Keep tuning in to FaTTrak Music Blog as we bring you more independent music promotions.





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