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M-City J.R. Joy Ride With Police Watching

This underground hip hop artist is all around dope, dropping hit after hit as a rising star.   M-City J.R. is a native of the Detroit streets, and there is nothing that sounds like him coming out of the D fa sho.  We see this indie artist making moves in big places very soon dropping Dope lyrics over Dope beats with a recipe not many artist can match up too. The video “Grindin” is M-City J.R. Joy Ride With Police Watching.  It flat out crazy and you should dare to ride with him and his goons Geech and GodS Way.  Just watch the video and you’ll see what we mean by joy-riding on Joy Rd.  If you are seriously a FaTTrak Fan and you like this death wish video that your top indie music blog has posted, then come comment below and show M-City J.R. the true meaning of being Grindin fan.

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