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Marc Vinyls – My Mind (Ft. Nick Gallo)

Marc Vinyls a young 19year old indie music artist/rapper out of Connecticut who is a force to be reckon with in the music industry. He is an up and coming rapper who puts his smarts to the microphone. The big dreams this brother has will come true very soon as he continue to work countless nights in the studio focusing on his craft.  Co-founder of the hip-hop spread movement his goal is to inspire others through his music, the same way hip hop music inspired him while growing up. This kid has got the goods people, and is excited to present to you this talented rapper. Can’t wait until this cats album release. Enjoy the Trak by Marc Vinyls [Twitter: @MarcVinyls] and follow us on for more to come family.

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Deesense - Optimist

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