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Memphis Rap Song Maybe Linked To Murder

Don Trip song maybe linked to murder

Joyce Stokes’s 15-year old daughter Cateria of Memphis, TN was murdered while sleeping back in June of 2015. As a murder that’s still unsolved, the killer is still out there. The shooting is believed to be a mistaken identity that occurred at the Stokes’s home and may have been pointed out in the lyrics of Don Trip’s song ‘Lil’ Homie’ which Stokes believes references her daughter’s murder, and that she believes Trip may know something more about the crime.

In ‘Lil Homie”, the Memphis emcee raps about finding out his friend has been killed — and then shooting up the wrong house while seeking revenge.

We just went and crashed out
Prolly bodied everybody in the wrong house
Shit just made the news, said we just shot a baby
Damn… tell me anybody, not a baby
We just out for blood; we so trigger happy
Shootin’ shit in broad day and hit some kid while she nappin’
We back in the hood braggin’ ‘fore we even knew what happened

“It hurt me so bad that somebody want to get fame and glory — and get famous off my daughter getting killed in her sleep,” Stokes told News Channel 3.

Stokes added that she wants to talk to Trip — who went to high school with one of her sons — in person.

“He put that out in the streets about my family,” Stokes said. “They didn’t call no names, but everybody knows who they talking about.”

Police said they are investigating any connections between Trip, the song and the murder.

If you remember, we show Trip in a featured video with Singa Bromfield.

We hope this is a mistake, but from the lyric depicted in the song there might be a significant connection to the Stokes murder case.

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