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Mika Estrella releases “Broken” Cover Art

Mika Estrella
Broken – With the phenomenal reception her latest single has received, LA based soulstress Mika Estrella has decided to up the ante and release the official cover. With the potential to be an anthem for all those who have loved and suffered heartache because of it, Broken details the affects of a wonderful love turned sour and promises are continually BROKEN; Scheduled to appear on her forthcoming self-titled debut, Broken is currently available via Soundcloud. –¬†November 13, 2015, (Los Angeles, California)
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About Mika Estrella
On the road less traveled many people find out a lot about themselves; most importantly about their resolve, their ambition and ability to take chances. Recently relocating to sunny California, a move that ultimately would create bigger opportunity to reach her full potential R&B songstress Mika Estrella has thrown caution to the wind and has seized the moment. Readying her debut self-titled EP, the exotic soul has added to her well rounded resume by simply going for it all. When asked what she really wants most, the answer is simple- TO SING.
Mika Broken Cover
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