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Revolutionary Psalms of Mike Lee

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When it comes to the recent acts of injustice by police across the country, that have literally taken social media by-storm, does anyone feel a certain way?  Underground hip hop artists Artist out of B-More (Baltimore, MD) by the name of Mike Lee has decided to shed light on these, as well as all acts of injustice that have plagued the inner city streets…forever, it seems. Produced by Shungu, the song entitled “Revolutionary Psalms” speaks on the outrage, the disgust and the unfathomable counts of police brutalities that “our” government tends to deem “justifiable” and so forth.  The somber tone of this track, laced with a ferocious flow makes for a journey into, not only a pattern, but a history of crimes against young Black inner city youths. It makes you wonder where the love went…or if there was any to begin with but, that’s another topic, for another time. Without further adieu, you are about to listen to some real s—! But don’t “jus” take my word for it…Peep it out for yourselves! Know the ledge, brothers and sisters…Know the ledge.

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