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Robolu – Boy O (Freestyle)

From the uprising misfit music collective coming out of Atlanta, comes yet another song by Yako Pack’s man of the hour, Robolu. This time around, Mr Van Dam comes with something he’s never done before. It’s a freestyle, not just any freestyle, but one produced by Yako member AyePatt, Boy O Boy.

The instrumental sounds inspired by something straight out of a crazy dessert slave factory. One that has people building parts for food, and also gives Rob the ability to go harder than he’s ever went. You can’t help but to think this instrumental is Post-Apocalyptic-esque after Robolu mutilated it with suttleconfidence. Robolu comes cool and collective, while still appealing to his outlandish disposition that has caught him with such good feedback to this day.

With “Vote Rob” releasing a little under a month ago, and Robolu teasing a song with him and other Yako Pack member, Eli Society, it’s apparent Robolu refuses to let Yako Pack take a seat to the spotlight. Check out “Boy O” now, it’s good conveyor belt work music, probably the best.

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