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Scoop – Holy Water

In today’s entertainment industry, the lines that separate music, film, and television have become blurred. A successful artist has to learn to be versatile. South Jersey emcee, Scoop is one of these artists who clearly understands that fact as he expands his abilities to remain competitive in the current market. Primarily a rapper with over 10 years experience, his style is most often described as “lyrical”.

Taking some cues from great artists such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Mos Def, & Nas, he excels at storytelling, metaphors, flow changes, and performing live (with a band). In 2011, he (along with Terrance “Tony Swank” Durham) started a company for their lifestyle brand, “Swanky”. Over the next few years they have built this company to include a unique roster of artists ranging from rappers to producers to comedians. Scoop oversees most creative duties for Swanky as he is their primary recording engineer, graphic artist, & social media manager. He also produces, directs, and edits a comedy series called “Phlash Chappers” which is available to view on their website.  Stay tuned to more independent music promotions right here on FaTTrak Music Blog…

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Music video for Holy Water performed by Scoop.


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