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SEYI Sippin Tea During His Upcoming Album Release

Seyi is sippin tea during his Upcoming album release. Young unsigned hip hop artist Oluwaseyi Joseph otherwise known as  rapper “SEYI” (pronounced shay-e) was born on May 13 1994 in Far Rockaway N.Y. where he has spent the bulk of his life. Songwriting has been a skill of his since pre-teen years and its evident in the versatility he shows in his records. At the age of 16,Seyi (who used the stage name “Lazarus” ) released his first mixtape titled “Step One”. While the reviews of the mixtape were good, he knew he could do better and since then has been working on his second mixtape tentatively titled  “N>I>B (No In Between)” Using his college and fraternity connections on long island, he has slowly but surely been building a buzz, performing on campus and at venues  like “Revolution” and “Emporium”, arguably long islands biggest party/performance venues for local talent. He currently attends Farmingdale State College where he is working on a pro.communications degree, a member of the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon,plays tennis and host his own radio show. Music however will always be his focus. Seyi sees a lane for him to thrive within the genre and music industry, with his honest lyrics he can relate to the masses and has the potential to be a stand out within the world of hip-hop.
“Honestly I believe what makes me different is the story I am telling and the perspective that I speak from because I feel that I’m expressing thoughts and emotions that aren’t heard often in hip-hop. “

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