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Soulman Snipes feat. BC & JB Smooth – “Summer Breeze”

When you talk about “Who the Top Rappers out of Memphis are?”…Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for a good minute and/or just a lame ass person….You would know that (Soulman) Snipes is considered one of the Top Five artists out of the M! Out of a city where literally everyone and “their Momma” claims the craft, Snipes has yet to give the streets a product that doesn’t satisfy. For example, “The Classic Soul Project” is a collage of Inner-City Struggle and Ambition, Clarity and last, but not least…That Pimpin’! This EP is a collaboration of the M-town standout and Famed-Producer “Kingpin Da’ Composer”, and includes the Summer Hit….simply titled, “Summer Breeze.” With Singer JB Smooth’s vocals on the hook, over the chopped samples of the Isley Brothers classic of the same name and BC’s added addition of game official, “Summer Breeze” is one of those songs that you’ll hear….riding down Elvis Presley Blvd, Frayser Blvd, S.Third, Winchester Rd, etc, etc!!! Pretty much anywhere the “real”┬ácan be found, in and around your town! But don’t “jus” take my word for it….Peep it out for yourselves!!!



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