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St. Louis Group L$t Mbrs Take Mixtape To The Next Level

The St. Louis Group L$T Mbrs take their mixtape to the next level, and are an original and their dope mixtape “Drunk on Kingshighway” proves their existence as upcoming underground hip hop artists.

During a time where rhythmic rap and trap beats reign over the airwaves, musical collective L$T Mbrs gives listeners a taste of organic rap music, quenching the thirst for original sounds and nostalgic rhythms with their latest mix tape Drunk on Kingshighway.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, this motley crew of creative voices and individual oddities is more than a mere musical collective. Mixing dimly lit melodies and dark lyrical shades, this dynamic trio uses an array of abstract sounds to blend the past with the future of Hip Hop.

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