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Theophilus The Scholar – Areiatol

Giving you healthy vibes multi-genre artist/producer Theophilus The Scholar of H=althy Vib=s straight out of Dallas bringing you #Hip Hop #Jazz #Texas Swangin #Electronic #Funk and much more. Analog/Digital, Vinyl, MPC beat making-Live instrument-Laptop composer. Producer Theophilus Hux does it all. Working on current projects set to release soon Theophilus is waiting for the right time to unleash his repertoire on the unsuspecting listeners. [Don’t Put Me Ina Box] Theophilus’ catalog is extensive and carries many different roots of inspiration. What you hear on Soundcloud and other social media for now are just mere examples of what Theophilus is trying to portray to the listeners. Projects are set to release online via Bandcamp and other media sites. Dates with be posted when a proper timetable is set. Being that Theophilus is barely seen in public or anywhere at all except for a few shows and beat battles enjoy the music while its still popping up.

Mysterious Man

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