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Times in the Afterhour

“Times in the Afterhour”, Part 1 and Part 2, shows what separates the competition of just being average and to those striving for greatness. This young Phoenix rap artist Izzy Mintz and his team displays that for us in their online music promotion for their upcoming album Phoenix:Afterhours dropping spring 2015. Hard work and determination is what takes artist to the next level as an underground hip hop artist, and we at believe this group will prove that they can withstand the test of time when the going gets tough. With their serious of videos about life in and out the studio they show a world not many of us see in the late nights of a music artist.  But if you know like Izzy Mintz and his team knows, this is at the time where some of the best creative music is made.
Izzy Mintz, the Phoenix rapper, also released his latest single “Saint Izreal” and “Southwest’s Finest” declaring that he is the Southwest rap game’s new-age savior. The song “Saint Izreal” is about saving the culture of rap, like a Saint, giving the song its title. It’s a statement announcing he is here to take the reign among a chain of rappers in the region who aren’t. The trak features vocals by Stefani Monet and is produced by Jxxke of New Orleans, LA. It’s the second single off his upcoming album Phoenix: Afterhours dropping in April 2015.
We come to tell you that after reviewing Izzy Mintz music you must beware and pay close attention in order to keep your house from burning down. He brings a mixture of hip hop, rap  drama, and fire to both traks “Saint Izreal” and “Southwest’s Finest”.  It’s different, but once again that’s what separate an okay artist from up and coming great artist. Mintz and his team are on to something, so whenever you are around on stop by the Izzy Mintz section and find out the latest on what’s new in the Phoenix area where this indie artist is holding it down.

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