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Turning Wanna Be Into A Positive

Seyi_Wanna Be
SEYI’s song “Wanna Be” has been out since January, but the video is finally here showing off the streets of New York City. The term “Wanna Be” up to now has been used in a negative context to describe a person’s character as unauthentic.
In the song and Visual, SEYI aims to flip the meaning of the term “Wanna Be” into a positive. He describes a “Wanna Be” as someone who wants to be the best person they can be and believes in their own potential enough to not give their dreams and aspirations a ceiling. To be able to do that, one must first accept the person that you are and understand that your future is yours to make, not anyone else’s. SEYI has also started a movement on Instagram (seyisounds) with people taking a picture with their 3 fingers making a “W” (standing for “Wanna Be”) and using the #wannabe to spread the message. We see a lot of potential in the movement and feel it’s a message that the world can relate too.

The video was filmed in Soho NY and Brooklyn. All the people who played a role are in the credits. Currently he is planning to release the track list and artwork for his upcoming mixtape N>I>B (No In Between) in the next coming weeks.



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